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Board of Directors

Executive Board
President   John Vananzo   2017
Executive Vice President   Butch Young  2018
1st Vice President   Brian "Chico" Legacy   2017
2nd Vice President   Earlene "Pixie" Workman   2018
Sergeant-At-Arms   Scott West   2017
Youth Director #1   Joe Ciufo   2018
Youth Director #2   Samantha Schaeden   2018
Cecil-Harford   Eric Lundeen   2018
Youth Director #3   Ben Rynes   2018
Cecil-Harford   Jackie Barton   2018
Greater Baltimore   John Black   2018
Youth Director #4   Rick Malley   2018
Mid-Maryland   Jean Brooks   2018
Mid-Maryland   George Tucker   2018
Lower Eastern Shore   Bob Feldpush   2018
Greater Baltimore   Charles Lockridge   2017
Lower Eastern Shore   Cheryle West   2017
Greater Baltimore   Kelly Fitzgerald   2017
Greater Baltimore   Michael Tinney   2017
Western Maryland   Vicki Coughlin   2017
Western Maryland   Troy Cubbage   2017
Youth Director #5   Kia Smoot   2017
Greater Baltimore   Tillie Suesse   2017
Youth Director #6   Kim Leyen   2017
Association Manager   Evelyn Testerman
  Last Updated: 22 Jul 2017

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John Vananzo

Association Manager:
Evelyn Testerman
117 Bayscape Drive
Perryville, MD 21903